Artefact Specialisms

We primarily work with objects classed as ‘small finds’ (e.g. metalwork, worked bone, worked stone, glass, jet, amber) as well as lithic artefacts, but can also look at assemblages of clay pipe and vessel glass. We are happy to assess artefacts from all periods.

We can offer a number of different services tailored to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss the particulars of your project.

Our small finds services include:

  • Finds identification and dating
  • Assessment reports
  • Analysis reports
  • Research and publication text

The reports that we write follow national guidance documents (e.g. CIfA 2014) for archaeological reports and artefact specific standards for reporting as appropriate.

Although every project is different, the following should give you an idea of what to expect from our reports:

  • Basic finds identification and dating: basic level finds identification and dating where possible. Data provided as a spreadsheet (N.B. this does not meet the 2014 CIfA guidance document requirements for assessment level reports).
  • Assessment stage: all objects are identified and recorded in a Microsoft Access database or Excel spreadsheet. We will produce an assessment level report that includes summaries of the material. Upon completion, we will submit the report and raw data (along with the meta-data for archiving).
  • Analysis stage: building on the assessment stage, this phase follows the project design and/or research goals. Generally, we will produce a report that examines the assemblage in greater detail, often placing it in its regional or national context. Individual artefacts will often be catalogued individually. Once completed, we will provide a report, the raw data, and accompanying meta-data.
  • Publication: we both have a successful track record of writing for different types of publication outputs and are happy to work with you to prepare text that is suitable for whatever publication project you have in mind. In addition, we offer editorial and publication services.

For examples of our specialist reports and research, please see our publication pages. 

Need a different specialist?

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