Langton Herring Burial

While researching for my Doctoral thesis, I heard about an Iron Age burial in Dorset with glass beads. This certainly piqued my interest, because glass beads were rarely found in burials, especially outside of East Yorkshire! As part of the data gathering phase of my research I travelled to Bournemouth University to record the five glass beads and three stone beads found by a metal detectorists with other artefacts and human remains. Analysis of all the objects was ongoing at the time and I wrote a report on the beads that discussed why this find was so unusual. A summary of these findings can be found in my blog post here.

The Treasure report by Dr Jody Joy can be found here and a full report by Dr Miles Russell (Bournemouth University) et al. has been published in The Archaeological Journal and is freely available.

Photo rights holder is the Portable Antiquities Scheme CC BY-SA