Frederick Foulds

IMG-3703Frederick is a freelance lithic analyst who specialises in the Lower Palaeolithic to Bronze Age lithic assemblages of the British Isles. He studies a range of materials including flint, chert and quartz. Throughout his career he has worked on archaeological sites in the British Isles, Europe and the Middle East, providing over 10 years of experience in analysing a wide variety of lithic assemblages. Since 2015, Frederick has produced assessment and analysis reports for various sites in the North of England and acted as a lithic analyst as part of the upgrade of the A1 to motorway status between Leeming and Barton.

Frederick has acted as the editor for Lithics, the journal of the Lithic Studies Society and as an assistant editor for the European Journal of Archaeology. He has also been the editor for a number of archaeological monographs.

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PhD Archaeology, Durham University, 2013

MA Archaeology (Distinction), Durham University, 2007

BA (Hons) Archaeology (2:1), Durham University, 2006


The Prehistoric Society

Lithic Studies Society

Quaternary Research Association