Welcome (again!)

After much deliberation I have decided to resurrect my blog. I have moved all of my previous blog posts from prehistoricglass.wordpress.com (which will be shut down) to this website to get us going. The previous posts were on Iron Age glass beads from Britain, but rest assured I will be writing about other archaeological topics … Continue reading Welcome (again!)


The key to any good research is a solid backbone from which to build your ideas. For my research on glass beads, I built a substantial database  with information about each individual bead. I then used this to explore regional trends. Building the database took hours and hours of time. I was lucky in that … Continue reading Backbones…

A brief update

It's been a bit quiet on this blog, but it isn't because I've forgotten my readers. For the last year I've been working very hard to prepare my thesis for publication and this has taken a very long time! Although there's been very few changes to the text except for a bit of reorganization, I … Continue reading A brief update

Decoration and Colour of Iron Age Glass Beads from Britain

I recently attended the 20th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass conference in Fribourg, Switzerland and presented a poster on my research. I have included the text and and some of the original images  (due to copyright restrictions, some images have been replaced, see below for alternatives).  Introduction Although a history … Continue reading Decoration and Colour of Iron Age Glass Beads from Britain