A brief update

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog, but it isn’t because I’ve forgotten my readers. For the last year I’ve been working very hard to prepare my thesis for publication and this has taken a very long time! Although there’s been very few changes to the text except for a bit of reorganization, I wanted to re-make most of my images for consistency and clarity. This has meant re-visiting a lot of my data, which has been very useful! I also wanted to approach the catalogues of site and artefact data a little bit differently than I did in my thesis text, which means that it will also be useful data that other people can use. I think that overall, it will be presented much better than it was in the thesis.

If nothing else, it has reminded me about a lot of topics that I aim to share on my blog and a lot of mini-research projects that I would like to undertake (and share here).

Once I’ve sent the text off and I have a better idea of when it will be published, I will of course share all details in another post. Till next time….


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